Hyper Turny is the product of ‘Gamelab’, a university course where students of various disciplines collaborate to create a brand new game in just 14 working days. This project consisted of a team of 12, including artists, programming, designers and a team lead, as well as an additional external audio student. The end result is a fully functional prototype.

The goal behind Hyper Turny’s development was to create a simple, high-quality and engaging fighting game using only controllers. We used Unity3D for our engine, which is a very accessible engine which allowed us to iterate quickly and easily. We first prioritized making the game fun, before expanding it with new mechanics like full level transitions between different stages. To this end, we had a playable prototype from the first day of development, which allowed us to continually playtest our game, removing whatever we felt wasn’t right and expanding on what played well. This was very unique for the short development cycle of Gamelab projects.

As the design lead of the project, I refined our core concept and wrote the game design documents, scheduled the workload of three designers and presented our ideas and progress. I also managed the collaboration with an external audio student, who created custom soundtracks and sound effects for the game. Lastly, I also did practical design work on the levels.

Some challenges regarding Hyper Turny’s development arose when we were given the opportunity to include Playstation 4 functionality in our development cycle, which drastically changed our development schedule. In terms of design, we had to redesign our user interface and controller mapping, while all of our art had to be given an additional optimisation pass.

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