Dew: Path of Trials (Dew) is the product of ‘Gamelab’, a university course where students of various disciplines collaborate to create a brand new game in just 14 working days. Dew is the product of two consecutive Gamelab projects with the same team of 12, of which I was the teamlead, and consisted of artists, programmers and designers.

During the first Gamelab development cycle, we were tasked with creating two fully playable prototypes, which we created in Unity3D. In the next cycle, we would expand the game from prototype to fully playable game while transitioning to the Phyre engine for the Playstation 4.

Dew is a cooperative game for exactly two players. The players play as aliens with plasma weapons and are challenged to go through a series of puzzles. The game had no tutorials and the player could only fire their weapon; the challenge for us was to make environmental puzzles that were both not too difficult but still satisfying to solve.

Dew was one of the products of the first Gamelab development cycle, while a game called ‘Sneak Peak’ was the other. Normally, supervisors would choose the best of the two prototypes, but since both of ours were very successful we got to choose Dew while another Gamelab group continued development on Sneak Peak. Followed by this was the transition to the Phyre engine, which was a requirement from our programming lecturers and a sizeable challenge for our programmers.

As the teamlead, this switch between different games and engines demanded the most attention. We used Excel and Scrumy as our scheduling tools and held daily scrum meetings at the start and end of the day to keep everyone involved with the project. Additional meetings were held daily with our supervisors, all current or ex-industry professionals, which revolved around project planning, team management and risk management. Additionally, I wrote the game design documents of the game and helped our only designer to create levels whenever I would have the time to do so.

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